Lucy’s Vintage Circus Party

Coming up with a theme for my youngest daughter, Lucy’s 2nd birthday party wasn’t difficult because of her obsession with all things elephant, so imagine my surprise when I clapped eyes on the most adorable vintage image of an elephant! Oh, my heart melted.

Two versions of the invitation – flat, shape-cut and self-standing 3-D versions.

A graphic designer by trade, I designed a unique three-dimensional invitation, shape-cut and with that luscious little girl riding high on top of the elephant. (Couldn’t you just eat her?)

With just a handful of younger children invited I chose to keep it a small but sweet affair with just seven little guests invited. Providing options, I also quickly whipped up a shape-cut flat version of the invite.

The party day dawned and it emerged as the most glorious sunny winter’s day ever, resulting in a last minute change of plan with the circus soiree now hosted in the local park instead of at home.

And wasn’t I pleased that I did…

Winter magic in our local botanical gardens.

The winter sun shone through the leaves and it was the most perfect winter’s day EVER.

Cupcakes by Cake Envy + printables by inviteme

A spot of vintage-inspired afternoon tea in the park

I had a very clear picture in my mind of how I wanted the cake to look and of course, it needed to include our vintage image. I whipped something up and showed Anita from Cake Envy who brought it to life.
(For those who haven’t had the pleasure of working with Anita, she is a delight to work with and never ceases to amaze with her artistry.)

The cake concept and finished masterpiece

Owning a boutique online party ware store, I have a tendency to go all out for her children’s celebrations. But on this occasion I wanted something a little more low-key, yet sweet and stylish.

I figured a simple way to achieve this could be through a gorgeous range of printables which added sparkle and style to our small affair.

Flat lay bunting panels by inviteme

Bunting panels in all their glory

Print-ready cupcake toppers and hat decorations

This adorable collection of images can be purchased here as a set of printables for you to print at home or with your local printer.

Using inviteme Vintage Circus printables

Vintage-inspired Lovely Lace pastel pink paper plates and cups tied in perfectly with the vintage circus theme along with the Vintage Circus printables designed by inviteme. For a little extra sparkle I adorned inviteme’s printable hats with ribbon, fabric and flowers with items sourced from the local craft store.

Nothing like a bit of cut and pasting to add that extra shine to your printables range!

Lovely Lucy models a hat made by her mum

Homemade cakes on the table setting

Lovely Lace paper plates and cups supplied by inviteme.

Gorgeous glass jars and candy by inviteme

Gorgeous glass jars and delicious candy by inviteme.

Cousins party hard

Cousins party hard

6 responses to “Lucy’s Vintage Circus Party

  1. Just stunning and such a very sweet theme, love everything!

    Could you tell me where I could find a canopy like this….I am after a plain white one? Thankyou.

  2. Thanks for your very kind comments, Claire. i borrowed the canopy from a friend and I believe she picked it up from either Spotlight or Ikea. From memory, it was quite cheap – under $20. Good luck in your search! x

    • Thankyou. I only want it as a prop so the price sounds perfect! I will check out both places. Thanks again. x

  3. Such a beautiful little party….just shows it doesn’t have to be BIG to be gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you too xx

  4. Such a gorgeous party! Do you mind if I ask who did the edible image for the cake?

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