And the winner of My Cookie Rules 2012 is…

Well now, haven’t you all proven yourselves a bunch of insanely clever cookies?
The quality of entries for inviteme’s very first My Cookie Rules Competition has seen us regularly picking our jaws up off the floor in disbelief. We still can’t believe you can actually eat these things. Seriously, who’d have the heart to bite down on something created with that amount of love and care?

With two judged categories and more than 300 entries from around the world, judgment day has come with Callye Alvarado from Sugarbelle’s delivering the verdict on her top three. These clever ladies have already been notified via email and you get to read what they had to say.

Are you ready?


“I chose these cookies as overall winner based on the skill required to create them as well as the complexity of the task.  Ana’s superhero cookies are perfectly executed and demonstrate advanced cookie designs.”  – Callye

*Queue the streamers and party horns!*

Whoo-hoo! Congratulations Ana!

Originally from Sonora, Mexico, Ana has lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the US for the past 20 years and was beside herself when informed she had won.

“I couldn’t believe it when I read your email telling me I’d won 1st prize in inviteme’s My Cookie Rules competition! There were so many amazing entries. I’m so happy I’ve won and very anxious to spend my prize!

When I was younger, superheroes were very popular and I find it fascinating that they’re still around and still have so many fans. I remember watching the superhero cartoons when I was young and still love them today.  It’s really cool they’ve made a comeback.

I wanted to create cookies out of these characters but didn’t want to use standard cookie cutters. My entrant for MCR2012 are completely custom-made.”

*Ana wins a $200 gift voucher to spend at and you can follow her cookie adventures on facebook.

“Carla’s Lala Loopsie cookies are – again perfectly executed and demonstrate complex designs.” – Callye

Carla is from Trinidad, West Indies and is also a gracious place-getter.

“This could not have come at a better time for me! Seriously! I’ve felt so discouraged recently on the cookie front but getting this news has me absolutely floating on cloud nine! Not to sound to Grammy-winner-acceptance-speech-like but I really feel honored to have been in a competition that brought together so much incredible talent from all over the world! And even more honored by what Callye had to say about my cookies!

For two reasons these cookies took a lot of work.

1. I HAD to get every detail on each one perfect. I just couldn’t let go until every stitch, every splatter of paint, every sparkly tutu had all been accounted for. If it was on the doll, it had to be on the cookie! I hand cut each cookie and mixed a ridiculous amount of colours so that every single shade was perfect (Mixing TEN shades of pink alone!) I free-handed everything and consulted with pictures on my camera that I had taken of the dolls from my computer screen (no printer). It was a labor of love!

2.  Before I even put the eyes on their faces my house was fogged for mosquitos without any warning and I had to throw them all away! It was Valentine’s Day and because of the surprise neighborhood fog-athon (we had a malaria case two houses down) I lost every single one of my Valentine’s orders including these dolls. What you see there is my second attempt. I sat outside on our pavement sobbing my heart out thinking of all my hard work just being drenched in mosquito repellent! I had to start them from scratch all over again.

Oh gosh sorry for how long winded that was… I tend to ramble when I’m excited and I am SO excited about this!!! Thank you so much inviteme, Christmas here in Trinidad I tell you!!!”

You can follow Daily Cookie’s triumphs on facebook.

“The designs are gorgeous and the color and shading superb.”  – Callye

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Miss Cuit’s had us at shading. Yep, shading on the petals of these exquisite floral designs.
Feedback from Miss Cuit is still coming and we’ll post it here as soon as it comes.

You can follow Miss Cuit’s baking action on facebook.

Want to see the MCR2012 People’s Choice Top 20 entries? Check out this album here. You’ll be glad you did.

Finally, inviteme would like to thank every single person who  entered MCR2012. We are thrilled  beyond words that we’ve managed to create a platform where we all get to share and revel in some mind-boggling talent. We couldn’t do this without you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your participation.

My Cookie Rules is the third competition this year in our highly succesful series of My Rules competitions. Starting with My Cake Rules and followed by My Tables Rules, we’re not done there. We’re hoping to squeeze in another comp before the end of the year and aim for these to all be annual events.

If you want to be notified when we launch our competitions, please email and we’ll add you to our competitions mailing list.

Many thanks,

Simone + Amanda xx

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